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Style Root Yoga & Seasonal Soiree

Style Root leads open-level vinyasa, meditation classes and wellness events, all designed for beginners and seasoned yogis alike. We use (optional) props in each class, and thoughtfully guide students to experience the profound synergy of body, mind and breath. 

Black men are welcome to attend any paid Style Root class or event free of charge... every single time. Don't you wanna know why?  

Style Root salutes all individuals and collectives who invest in a healthier, more balanced way of living. 

For private and corporate yoga interests, get ROOTED here.  For public and free community classes in NYC, subscribe to the innerG xChange.


ROOTED Seasonal Yoga Soirée

This unique yoga series is designed to bring and sustain balance in our lives. By getting ROOTED each season, we examine our lifestyle pace and plans through an organic lens.

During this intensive workshop, Trina leads, practices and discusses “yoga + nature + goals”.  Altogether, guests align their (inner and outer) effort with the energy of the season. Trusting this natural flow, everyone examines their productivity and lifestyle choices with clarity and compassion. Just like our dear mother (earth).

Group Coaching + Open-level Vinyasa + Healthy Lunch/Snacks + Gift Bag + Inspiring Vibes. Ready to get ROOTED this season?

ROOTED: Summer is happening in NYC- Sunday, May 28th at 3pm.

Learn more and RSVP today!

To scroll through pictures from previous ROOTED Yoga Soirées below, click on arrow at right. The smiles don’t lie ; )

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