Vibing with: Dr. Ford of The Perfect Body Health System

I've been a long-time patient of this incredible human healer, and it brings me joy to have him as my first Inner G exchange. Meet Dr. Sir Abdullah Smith Ford, Board Certified Diplomat in Integrative Medicine and Founder of The Perfect Body Health System  

(Approx. read time: 20+ mins. Worth every single second. Treat yo' self!)

Trina: This interview series is called “Inner G” which sounds like Energy. I think that’s called a homophone, right? So... it’s obviously honoring the exchange and frequency we’re vibrating on. It also means “Inner Gangsta” and “Inner Guru” because I think those function one in the same. I believe one doesn’t come without the other when you’re on this spiritual path. This interview series is about living on purpose, and that takes as much inner guru as it does inner gangsta. So here we go… How do you describe what do you do, Dr. Ford?

Dr. Ford: I practice integrative medicine and also energetic medicine. With a combination of the two, I can figure out where a person is, where this person is supposed to be and where they’re going. I look at the traditional health model (standard blood tests, etc.). Then I look at what their personalized health needs are based on that structure. Meaning what their biology is saying, what their stresses are saying, what their endocrinology is saying, what their nervous system is saying and what their emotional body is saying- because everyone has an emotional body inside their physiology. That physiology is where you hold the stress, tension, abnormalities, dysfunctions and trauma that you’ve been dealing with from birth and pre-birth (via genetics). So I look at all of this to see where their blockages are and what is inhibiting them from receiving God’s greatness. 

T: Wow! In a nutshell! LOL

DF: You see, that’s what’s missing in our society. We are not aiming to become ourselves; we are aiming to become someone else. And once you’re aiming to be someone else, you cannot really live your purpose.

T: Yessss! Absolutely! 

DF: So purpose, ingenuity and individuality all go together.

T: Right! So that leads me right into the next question, which I believe you’ve actually just answered (re: not aiming to become ourselves, but someone else). What’s the biggest lie that we humans believe that holds us back?

DF: *laughs* Well, there are many lies. Many lies. But one of the biggest is that your spiritual self and your political self are not the same. Your spiritual self is your innate relationship with God. Your political self is what they tell you you’re supposed to be.

T: Hmmm… okay. So the political self is actually an indoctrinated or institutionalized identity.

DF: Right! And that causes a lot of health problems, emotional problems and the like because you are following someone else’s game plan. Once you’re following someone else’s game plan, you are going down the wrong road and therefore coming to the wrong conclusions.

T: Right! So then you’ve gotta back up/reverse, get off the next exit, turn around and go in a different direction to get on the path you’re supposed to be on.

DF: And if you don’t know the path you’re supposed to be on, you’ll continue to go in circles. Which creates false identities and paradigms. That’s when your biology becomes conflicted and therein lies the diseases, abnormalities, etc. in your energetic and emotional body. This makes the brain have to work harder to compensate for the things that are not there.

T: See? This is why, Dr. Ford. This is whhhhyyyyyyy you have changed MY LIFE!!! Well, let me say together… because you’ve always taught me that real energy/light/spirit work is a co-creation. It cannot always be just a ‘cure’ (as seen a lot in western/allopathic medicine). Whereas, the holistic side offers more of a ‘treatment process’, which means the person is working with you- again, a co-creation. Its not “Take this. Do nothing. Then look for (said) results.” We’ve been conditioned to always want a cure versus the opportunity to track our own maturity and improvement.  I don’t always think ‘cures’ gives us the same information (as the ‘treatment process’). They just kinda say “yes or no”. But what about “how”?

DF: And to be clear… be it holistic or not, you still have to have an urgency in understanding what you’re doing. Just because its natural doesn’t mean its always safe.

T: Well, true. 

DF: Just because its natural, doesn’t mean its correct for you- within your biology and your spirituality. We do have to have discerning principles and investigate what we’re doing. So if you can find a doctor who you can work with or a competent practitioner who has multiple skillsets that can look at your own documentary, then you have a heads start (on your healing) instead a “one size fits all” approach.

T: Got it! Yes, which is also soo important, and perhaps another lie (that humans are told)… that “one size fits all”. Another thing you always say… “NO, IT DOES NOT.” Everyone’s documentary, as you call it, plays out differently. So for that you have to have specialized treatments. That being said… in your opinion, what do you see as the most under-utilized resources in the following three categories- 1) herbal/food medicine, 2) spirit medicine, and 3) emotional medicine? 

DF: Wow! Whew! Oh man…

T: That’s right Dr. Ford! I’m giving it to you! Pow, Pow, POW!!!

DF: In terms of food, I think the biggest thing is to have a diversity from different cultures so that you have the most appropriate nutrients for your system. There’s no one food… let me make this clear… there is no one food or two that gives you all the nutrients you need for survival on this planet. Reason being, you have different environmental toxicities which you are faced with now that create new diseases. I’m saying something right there, right now. You have to have new treatment protocols in order to deal with what’s going on in this new toxic environment that they’ve created (global warning, etc.).

Food is the basis of healing. So you have to have a diversity of food, and you have to watch out for genetic engineering, of course the hidden chemicals sprayed on fruits and vegatables, and the lack of soil integrity. Those things can be even more dangerous that just eating poor food alone. And you know what… I’m saying it… (what’s happening) is basically destroying human nature.

T: He said it. “Say it Loud!” Cue the James Brown! I know you love James Brown, Dr. Ford!

DF: That’s right! And don’t get me wrong… if you want to be healthy, you can still eat some of the foods you want. You just have to be very conscious of food value and food integrity that goes into your system, to be and stay healthy long term. 

The quality of air that you breathe is a big thing. The environmental technology around the quality of air that you breathe is a big thing. The quality of air you have in your own home. Because we spend so much time there, it makes sense that you keep your inner environment as toxic-free as possible.

T: Well, that goes into the next part of that question… what about (the most under-utilized resource) in spirit medicine?

DF: Spirit means many things to many things to many people. Let’s be clear we’re not just talking about church on Sunday. We’re talking about when you are really hand-holding your spirit, nurturing your spirit- whether its with time, with breathing, whether its yoga or tai chi, or a combination of facilities that allow you to be at peace. You have to find what what works for you. What works for one, may not work for another. There’s no cookie cutter approach to spirituality.

T: Truth. 

DF: Some people may just want to sit and enjoy the sun… which is very nurturing, by the way. People should not avoid the sun. Without it, the earth would not exist, nor the moon.

Reading is therapeutic. In spirituality, everyone can find their way. God is not a one-person God.

T: Amen!

DF: A- Woman! *laughs*

T: Okay last part of that question… what’s the most underutilized resource in emotional medicine? Something people just don’t do enough amidst the drama?

DF: Simply… we’re gonna go “inner gangsta” as you say… Get away from the problem that is causing your distress. That emotional problem, something you can control, you’ve gotta get away from THAT. Separate yourself from the very thing that’s causing true pain and emotional suffering. Without breaking down a lot of other stuff, that’s the most dramatic yet practical thing one can do (for) oneself.

T: What are the most popular parts of your practice?

DF: It all depends because of my skills sets and my training. I often treat the standard gastro-intestinal (GI) problems or digestive disorders, which is the key to proper health (one's GI health). And I’m not talking about reading it in a book (or someone telling you) and now you’re taking that particular supplement (I.e. garlic, etc.). No, I am talking about personalized medicine.  Gastro-Intestinal personalized medicine is very important for the immune system. So I look at how the immune and the digestive systems go together, then I can look at why you’re not fully healing from that end. The gut and the emotions also go together. So we look at things holistically or integrative to figure out how this person isn’t healing or why they are suffering with these long-term conditions. I/we don’t just look at one thing because they all overlap. Personalized medicine is the next step in health care.

T: Right. Key words here…  “personalized” and “Integrative”.

DF: So those (GI and immune system) treatments are common on the traditional side (of my practice). Then there’s energetic medicine, which is also evolving with emotional health. I can look at where the imprints and the cellular nature are causing the toxicity (via certain foods and emotions). We can actually see it in the pH balance of the blood or even urine sometimes, we can see it in those with chronic migraines and headaches, in breathing difficulty and respiratory distress, etc. Energetic medicine is tied into spiritual medicine. I can look at meridian points and tensions that sit in the fascia tissue that block people from moving in their natural flow. This is why teaching yoga is great to expand people’s inner horizons. What do you think of that?

T: Yes, I think that yoga is wonderful! And it just scratches the surface. Its almost like a car that hasn’t been started in a while, and then you start it. Its ON! It works, which is great! But there’s now work to be done on the inside. It’s like yoga starts the car and what you’re saying is much deeper work under the hood.

DF: And you’re doing yoga to really get in touch with either things you don’t know about or things you’ve put away.

T: Wow! That’s a great way of saying it. Yeah, and now those are things are coming back to the surface. And you're dealing with the emotions of what that feels like- in the body and in the mind- and how you can make it become a very peaceful and liberating experience.

DF: And that is your personal freedom… that no one can take away from you.

T: Yeah man. And with that said, how do you combat stress? What’s your favorite healing modality for yourself? 

DF: Hmmm… Okay. Well, I’d say comedy.

T: Niiicce! Okay… Favorite comedian?

DF: Now you’re really exposing stuff! But okay, that’s fine… Eddie Griffin and Cat Williams!!! *bursts into laughter*

T: *FULL OUT SCREAMS* I can’t take it right now!!! DR. FORD!! You said CAT WILLIAMS!!! Hits the table* I. CAN. NOT. TAKE. IT!!!

DF: Yep! Let’s put it out there! They’re trying to keep him down but we’re gonna lift him up!

T: OMG!! We are gonna lift up Cat Williams (and his perm) in prayer, y’all!  HAAA!!! That is hilarious! Anything else (you need to combat stress)?

DF: Yes… Fresh air.  

T: Awesome. In your opinion, what is the formula for success?

DF: There are certain things that are standard for success. One is that you have to have a rich self- esteem. What do you think about that?

T: I think most people don’t say that first. And its true.

DF: Yes it is. In this climate right now, you have to have a rich self-esteem, know what you’re doing, have a game plan, and you have to have the ingenuity to take chances. If you’re scared, this is not the climate for it.

T: Right now, with people being able to do… any damn thing, really… timidity has no purpose or function. And that’s sad because we all have that sense of fear but its even sadder that there is no tolerance for it, unless its being used to control someone else. Then of course, it totally works. Otherwise, it doesn’t work in this society.  

DF: Being fearful stymies your emotional body as well. Fear creates constrictions and blockages, and sets up a tone for non-advancement.

T: It just weighs you down… you constantly have to work harder because of what you’re burning energy-wise on that fear. So now you have to produce more or give more energy and effort, to combat the fear AND still do what you’ve gotta do. Versus if you were a little lighter- without as much of the fear-  you would not be working as hard. You would only put forth the effort that’s necessary.

DF: This is one of the main reasons why each person needs a (personalized) health plan because if you’re bogged down by your own weaknesses and dysfunctional conditions, you really cannot get ahead because you’re spending all of your energy trying to recover (from the stresses on a personal level). Then of course your social, business and political levels will be forfeited. It takes a lot of work to even address your business savvy because your personal conditions have to be aligned so that you can do your business.

T: And that’s what I was finding with my work, and thus launched my signature brand offering, YouArePR. I began in public relations (for brands), but evolved into servicing the actual person (behind the brand) I was working with. I was like, “Wait, your brand doesn’t need the work... you need the work!” And not in a judging way, but in a very purpose-driven way. It literally exposed the next stages of my career very early because I was too affected. There were times I would say in my prayers, “God, why do I care about people so much? Why do I care about this particular thing so much? About how their personal health is impacting their professional success? Why am I soo concerned? And why is that such a trigger? Well now I know. Its clearly because of this new type of work that I’m in. It’s so interesting to have that epiphany and to hear that’s exactly what you (Dr. Ford) clear up. I feel like everyone (healer/light/spirit workers of all kind) gets here because of their epiphany in their own lives, and therefore, boldly impacts the epiphanies of others. 

DF: And to tag team on that. The other level of what I do is I treat people who are really focused on their present success. Those who truly want to be successful. They understand they have to be different than other people- mind, body and spirit- in order to do what they’re doing. For instance, I get a lot of traders on Wall Street, successful lawyers and arbitrators, politicians and all types of entrepreneurs. All of these job titles take a lot of effort to perform. So my patients want to know how they can ‘get there’ in the fastest way possible, healthiest way possible, and without them trying to do it all on their own.

T: Exactly.

DF: And that’s where the average person fails. When they say, “I can do that all by myself.” No you can’t. No one can do it by themselves. Even a professional athlete has a trainer; the greatest actor has a coach, and that is the difference. Its where the average Joe fails. He wants to spend his money on things that are frivolous, instead of the things that gain him future wealth.

T: Wow. That shift is soo needed, but sadly, I also realize that shift is not designed for everyone. Do you think if that shift was for everyone that people would do it?

DF: Well, people are interesting creatures. They’d rather complain about doing something than actually doing it. It goes back to purpose. If you don’t have a game plan in knowing your purpose, you are going to sit where you are. A person has to decide where they want to be.

And you’re there. You’ve come a long way in a short space of time, and I’m very proud of you, Trina. I wish you greater visionary success.

T: Yaay! Thank you Dr. Ford. The only way I’ll get there is staying connected with you ; ) And with that said, I know people will want to contact you after listening/reading this exchange. Admittedly, I’m very protective of you and who I share you with because they’ve got to be serious. Only those who really want it and will commit to it. Hell, I know where I am with it, and how I struggle. It’s an investment in every way. But I hope this platform gives folks a peek into some of your incredible healing work. If they cannot get to you personally, they can at least have a shift in perspective, just by listening/reading these powerful, powerful, powerful thoughts.

I soo appreciate you, Dr. Ford. I appreciate your Energy/Inner G ; )