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ROOTED coaching revives your mind + body + spirit connection, and clarifies your lifestyle definition of success.

You are inspired, focused and open to balanced business possibilities with solid direction.

Coaching Calls

Private, recorded coaching calls or in person sessions reveal your strengths, growth opportunities, and an authentic sequence to achieve your goals. 

Well Plan

The new to-do list. An evolved and balanced guide to better utilize your brand + life resources. The way to become whole-self employed.

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ROOTED Seasonal Yoga is an open-level vinyasa class series paired with ROOTED coaching.

Style Root Yoga grounds its attention on the breath, body and intentional movements. Flows are seasonally based to reconnect with nature.

Style Root Yoga offers corporate and private packages, and its community classes are announced on the innerG xChange newsletter.


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Retreats & MOre

ROOTED in Schools (2019)

ROOTED in Arizona (2020)

A Day to Breathe

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