“The way to immortality is reached by deeply planting one’s spiritual root.”

-Master Taoist Hua-Ching Ni


Trina Morris, SeedEO

Favorite Yoga Pose? Half Moon. It feels like pure expression to me. It’s a balancing hip opener that’s grounded and strong yet graceful. I extend in every direction from my center. Sometimes I lift off (the floor with my bottom hand). It’s liberating. 

Why I keep coming back to the mat? To return to myself. To breathe, believe and begin again.



At the root of it all… I love people, work attentively, and live to build authentic relationships.

My branches… a longer story ; ) It has taken several seasons (and titles) to formalize my holistic brand statement.

Over 15 years ago, I moved to New York City and grounded myself in the world of fashion public relations. It was an organic career move that harvested more than this bright-eyed, Midwest girl could have ever imagined.

With the gifted seeds of clear communication, strategic planning and spirited support, I worked for domestic and global industry leaders, including: Saks Fifth Avenue, Fashion Group International and Kering. I gratefully sharpened my skills with high-profile names like Sudanese supermodel Alek Wek, über stylists June Ambrose and Patti Wilson, and international megabrands Diesel and INCA Productions.

My passion and proficiencies grew into a Brooklyn-based boutique consulting firm, and my services sprouted to include lifestyle, the arts, beauty and nonprofit industries.  

In a pivotal season of “survival of the fittest” (read: economic recession, tech boom, celebrity culture, and social media), it occurred to me that success was not just about achieving “what I want to do”, but also balancing “how I want to live”. And just like that… the seasons changed.

Fulfillment became more of an inside job, and I humbly served as my own client. With that same bag of seeds/skills, I added yoga, wellness and higher education to my professional profile. They yielded a heightened sense of service or, in a word… healing.

Today I stand tall, centered and whole-self employed.

And for my fruit… New York Fashion Week producer, lululemon Yoga Ambassador, brand strategist, college professor, shopping guide, life coach, and designer of peaceful productivity (who just wants a To Do List when you really need a Well Plan?)

I hold a Bachelors degree in English from Tennessee State University (where Oprah is an alum!), and a Masters degree in Public Relations from Ball State University (where Oprah and David Letterman buried the hatchet!). I’ve been a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) through Yoga Alliance ® for over 7 years, and proudly cultivate student seeds at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Kent State University’s NYC Studio and Rutgers Business School. 

My family knew what they were doing when they nicknamed me “Tree” ; )



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